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18k Gold Plated 5mm Rope Chain Necklace

  • QUALITY: Delicately crafted in stainless steel with a striking 18K gold plating, this necklace both feels and looks amazing. With the precise high-end finish, the gold links weave together creating a stunning flow that sits beautifully on the neck.
  • VALUE: The skillfully overlaid 18k gold plating makes this necklace virtually indistinguishable from a real solid gold chain at a fraction of the price.
  • DURABILITY: With this chain, we didn’t compromise on quality for looks. This chain is made to last. It’s sturdy and can hold the weight of a pendant with a strong lobster claw clasp that provides security.
  • DESIGN: With a variety of styles to choose from these chains are perfect for anyone – both adults and kids, women and men, boys and girls – everyone can find the perfect fit.
  • SATISFACTION: customer satisfaction is our top most priority. Our chains are both tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic. They come packaged in a black velvet pouch giving you a place to store it or make the perfect gift.

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